Free Download DAZ Studio 4 With License

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DAZ Studio is the perfect tool for drawing and animation with virtual people, animals, objects, vehicles, equipment, environments and more. Simply select the subject, organize accessories, lighting installation and start creating beautiful works of art.

Inheriting the best of version 3, DAZ Studio 4 introduces a new look focused on ease of use. Within the application there are new video tutorial to help users, along with many technological innovations to improve the experience of creation.

DAZ Studio 4  Features:
* Quick Start Tutorials
* Included Content
* Scripting SDK
* Plugin SDK

Key DAZ Studio 4 features include:
* TriAx Weight-Map System:
Artists now have unparalleled flexibility with our patent-pending weight-map per-axis joint system.
* Auto-Rigging:
Artists can now take the base Genesis mesh and push or pull it into virtually anything imaginable. Both proportions and mass of the figure can be altered in a variety of ways. DAZ Studio 4 automatically adjusts the Genesis base skeletal rig to fit within the new shape.
* Auto-Fit Plug-in:
This tool, available separately, allows customers to up-convert clothes and hairstyles from DAZ 3D’s prior generation of figures for use with the new Genesis series so that their past investments are protected.
* Smart Content:
This new content tells DAZ Studio 4 what type of asset it is, and what other assets are compatible with it. DAZ Studio 4, in turn, can then filter out anything that’s not compatible with what the artist is working on.
* Content Management Service (CMS):
This allows customers to easily find their content by keyword, category and/ or compatibility by using a standard meta-data structure.
* OS Features :
Compatible with Windows (32 bit & 64 bit) and intel base Mac systems (32 bit & 64 bit)
How to download DAZ Studio 4 Fore free :
  1. First create an account at DAZ Studio
  2. Now visit this Promo page, click on “add to cart”and get the software for free
  3. You can download the software according to your system from “Available downloads” section
  4. The Giveaway will expire on July 31st, 2011