Airfix: Dogfighter

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  • Bring the dogfighting action of World War II right into your living room when you play Airfix Dogfighter!
  • Playing as either the Axis or the Allies, you'll use model planes to fly 20 missions, throughout the house
  • Go on bombing raids, and get into dogfights with the other side
  • Choose from 17 classic planes to fly your missions, tailored to suit your personal tastes
  • Bomb the garden, shoot out the windows in your kitchen, even blow out the light bulbs -- anything you have to do to defeat the enemy

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Product Description
Do anything within your power to destroy andsurvive.Product InformationEnter the daydreaming fantasies of a marauding kid home alone in a emptyhouse. Building his own Airfix models equipping them with firecrackers andother homemade weapons he takes the role of a World War 2 fighter pilot.The year is sometime shortly after the Second World War and our hero hasfinally gotten a chance to prove his skills. The parents have gone astray andleft him alone with his opposing forces. It's time for a miniature yetdevastating battle between the real powers of this corner of imagination. Bomb the garden waste the kitchen slam the door on your enemy turn out thelights.Take the side of Axis and Allies and bring your model plane to life in bedroomsbathrooms kitchens and more.Product FeaturesThe MissionsThe missions in the game consist of various tasks of different nature. Escortingbombers into the living room strafing convoys in the kitchen or sinking subs inthe bathroom. Whatever mission control designate you to accomplish you betterlook sharp. Before you know it you'll have a boogie on your six trying to downyou with showers of led and shrapnel.The HouseThe house consists of 14 different game areas complete with everything from anattic to a cellar available as lockups through out the mission threads. Use thevarious interactive objects to your advantage outmanoeuvre your foe in thesometimes crowded areas and locate the secret pick-ups to upgrade your arsenal.The ModelsWhile playing the missions you continuously locate new model kits scattered inthe house. Up to 14 different aeroplanes are available all together all famousfighters from the era of the Second World War. Start out with slower models likethe Hurricane the Fiat G50 or the Focke Wulf 190 and end up flying speedmonsters like the Spitfire the P51 Mustang and the unique Messerschmidt 262.The new aeroplane models advance in flight characteristics thus making the gamemore and

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