Free Download F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 With License Key

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F-Secure Technologies launching new product F-Secure AntiVirus 2011, this is the latest version of antivirus application, which includes enhanced features to provide better protection against viruses without slowing down your computer. It also features a brand new installation wizard and easy-to-use interface that provides easy access to crucial settings and other key components. The new suite combines AntiVirus, Anti-Spyware, DeepGuard 2.0, Real-time Protection Network and Browsing protection to give you total protection against viruses, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, phishing sites and other malware.

You can take this antivirus for free 1 year single user license key of F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 worth $39. The promo is valid for a limited time and only available to German users but others can also apply for this offer by following the steps below :
1. Login to your Facebook account
2. On your Facebook account page click on – "Account" – "Account Settings"

3. Click on the "Language" tab and change your primary language to "Deutsch"

4. Visit the Facebook Promo Page and click on the "Gefällt mir" button.

5. Enter your name and email address, then click on the "Abschicken" button.

6. The license key and download link will be sent to your email address.